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Composants microtechniques

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Nicolas CAUCHE

This course proposes seminars on:

- Scaling laws in micro-engineering (dimensional analysis, similitude laws)

- Surface tension effects in micro-engineering (physics, modelling, applications to optics, micro-assembly, biomedical engineering, microrobotics)

- Compliant mechanisms in micro-engineering (description, modelling, manufacturing, applications to guiding and forces measurment)


The exercises are based on:

- Use of the Comsol multiphysics software

- Exercises on scaling laws

- Exercises on or experiments with surface tension effects

- Exercises on compliant mechanisms


Both in lectures and exercises, time is additionnally devoted to a project whose subject depends on the students and professor current interests. For instant, previous examples are:

- design of an electrostatic actuator (coupling of electrostatics and compliant mechanisms)

- design and assembly of a lateral capillary forces test bed, to characterize industrial micro-assembly processes

- design and assembly of a forces measurement device to characterize intergrains adhesion in soil mechanics



T. Szirtes, Applied Dimensional Analysis and Modelling

N. Chaillet, M. Hafez and P. Lambert, Actuators for Microrobotics, in Microrobotics for Micromanipulation

L. Howell, Compliant mechanisms

S. Henein, Conception des guidages flexibles

M.P. Koster, Constructieprincipes

P. Lambert, Capillary Forces in Microassembly


Administrative info:

Lectures (2 credits), exercises (2 credits), personal work (1 credit) oral exam in June

Teaching language: French or English


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