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Power System Engineering

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Jean-Claude MAUN
Benjamin GENÊT
Jean-Claude MAUN

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There are three parts in this course

1. Symmetrical components
      - Introduction to power system faults
      - Theory of symmetrical components and connection of phase sequence networks during faults
2. Frequency and voltage control
      - Control in power systems
      - Frequency control
      - Voltage control
3. Angle, voltage, and frequency stability
      - Introduction
      - Angle stability
      - Voltage stability
      - Frequency stability

Dedicated software are used during the labs to illustrate the concepts

A visit of a HV substation is organized by Elia

Download the slides of the course here.


Students are evaluated through an oral examination by Prof. Maun. There are no labs exams, but an evaluation based on the work performed during the labs.

Schedule of courses and labs : see Gehol

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