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Power System Protection

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Jean-Claude MAUN

This course, in English is included in the BRUFACE program, Master in electromechanical engineering, option Energy, MA2.

Content of the course (1 ECTS - 12h) :

  • Introduction to protective relaying
  • Relay operating principles
  • Current and voltage transformers
  • Nonpilot overcurrent protection of transmission lines
  • Nonpilot distance protection of transmission lines
  • Pilot protection of transmission lines
  • Transformer protection

Laboratory activities (2 ECTS) are divided in 2 parts :

  • 1 session for a general overview of the available material and the configuration of a protection relay
  • A project consisting in the global conception of a protection scheme. This part lasts for 4 sessions.
  • Last session of laboratory is dedicated to the presentation of the project.

    Your presence during all the sessions is mandatory since you can not configure your protection without the material available.


50% for the project

50% oral examination


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