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Procédés de microfabrication

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Nicolas CAUCHE

This course proposes seminars on precision and microfabrication techniques or micro-engineered products among:

- techniques: water jet cutting, sputtering, photolithography, electro-discharge machining, rapid prototyping, thermoforming, investment cast molding...

- products: stents, CNT, microneedles, IC components, knee prosthesis...

Some of these seminars are prepared by students, after the visit of an industrial contact specialist in the chosen field. This seminar preparation includes the production of a 20 pages report and a 20-30 minutes slideshow.

The goal is to provide to the students insights of physical principles, technological components, design rules, advantages and drawbacks, as well as cost aspects for each technnique.

Additionnally, 3 industrial visits are organized in Belgium.


Administrative data:

Lectures (2 credits), visits (1 credit), personal work (2 credits), oral exam in June


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