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Programmable Logic Controllers

Course Information
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Quentin Delhaye

Course outline

Lectures are divided in following 5 chapters :

  • PLC architecture and programming model 
  • Ladder diagrams / STL language
  • Petri nets and GRAFCET
  • GRAFCET: verification aspects
  • Communication protocols

Course material

Practical work

CodeSys Guide

Use the quick guide below to learn about the software we use for the practical work.

Here you can find the User's manual.

CodeSys can be freely downloaded from the editor's website:, you just need to create an account (you can fill the form with random information, they do not check anything).


Lab 2, exercise 3 addedum

In this exercise, you are asked to implement a traffic light using SFC (GRAFCET) from the manual. Since it can't be found in the manual, here are instructions:

  • First build a single traffic light that will switch between green - orange - red automatically using timers.
  • Then add a second one that controls a perpendicular road. They thus can't be green at the same time.

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