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POSTDOC - Development of an optical seismic isolation system

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Active seismic isolation

Post-doc position in mechatronics at ULB

The mechatronics group at ULB, Université Libre de Bruxelles, invites applications for a postdoctoral research position in active seismic isolation. The mechatronics group at ULB, led by prof. Christophe Collette, is a member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC), where it is developing seismic sensors and control strategies in order to decouple sensitive optics of gravitational wave detectors from low frequency ground motion.

The successful candidate will be part of a newly formed team who is developing an optical seismic isolation system. His researches will focus on optical inertial sensor, mechatronic architectures, control strategies, and experimental validations. Applicants for this position should hold a PhD related to at least one of these topics.

Besides gravitational wave detectors, the mechatronics group is also conducting researches on active control of vibrations for several challenging applications (future particle colliders, deployable space telescopes, aerospace structures and light sources) that forms an exciting and multidisciplinary environment, ideal for cross-fertilization of novel ideas. The group is hosted in the BEAMS department of ULB, which has many facilities for preparing and conducting experiments.

The position is for two years, and possibly for three years.

Applications should be sent directly to Prof. Collette (ccollett [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be ) and should contain:
- Cover letter
- List of publications

- Detailed curriculum vitae
- Name, affiliation and email address of at least three referees

The deadline for submission is January 25th, 2017. For more information, please contact prof. Collette


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