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CRAFTERS - Constraint and application driven framework for tailoring embedded real-time systems

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Embedded Electronics
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Real-time multi-processor platforms
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Real-time operating systems
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Real-time applications for heterogeneous, networked, embedded many-core systems suffer from the lack of trusted pathways to system realization and application deployment. Service and product development efforts are high with many uncertainties discouraging such ventures.
This project brings to bear a holistically designed ecosystem from application to silicon. The ecosystem is realized as a tightly integrated multi-vendor solution and tool chain complementing existing standards. Feature-limited releases of reference tools and platforms are made available under favorable licensing conditions to support the evaluation and adoption of the results. Full-fledged versions are retained for commercial exploitation and standardization of the overall ecosystem is pursued. As direct effects of the project results 30% reduction of the total cost of ownership, 50% shorter time-to-market, and 30% decrease of the number of development assets are expected.
Marketable lead applications driving ecosystem development and benchmarking on the fields of industrial and intelligent transport systems, video and image processing, and wireless communications are produced. Key challenges include guaranteeing secure, reliable, and timely operation, back-annotation based forward system governance, Tool-tool, tool-middleware, and middleware-hardware exchange interfaces, and energy management with minimal run-time overhead.
In this project, PARTS will concentrate on making scheduling policies aware of the thermal issues of MPSoC such as hot spots that make it necessary to optimize the distribution of work among the processors. Then the new algorithms will be integrated in the RTOS currently under development. Together with the company UEG, the joint partner located in Brussels, PARTS will also work on middleware and tools for embedded systems design, and making them compliant with the CRAFTERS framework.

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