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EEG Virtual Acquisition Chain

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Signal processing of measurements on the grid

EEG Virtual Acquisition Chain

The EEG Virtual Acquisition Chain is a software tool permitting to simulate the behavior of a real EEG acquisition chain. It is aimed at helping students to view an acquisition chain globally in an intuitive way.

The EEG Virtual Acquisition Chain (version 1.0) can be downloaded for free here.

LabVIEW (version 7 or later) must be installed to start the EEG Virtual Acquisition Chain. To acquire LabVIEW, please visit LabVIEW (we have no commercial interest in the use of LabVIEW).

A manual is available to learn how to use the EEG Virtual Acquisition Chain and can be downloaded Icon_pdf.pnghere.

Some tips on how to design the EEG Virtual Acquisition Chain can be accessed Icon_pdf.pnghere.

The implementation of the acquisition chain and its impact on student learning are explained in detail in the following papers:

  • Nonclercq, A., Biest, A.V., Boey, C., Robert, F. Building a virtual data acquisition chain to teach and learn instrumentation. Computer Applications in Engineering Education 2011:19 (4), pp. 660-668
  • Nonclercq, A., Biest, A.V., De Cuyper, K., Leroy, E., Martinez, D.L., Robert, F. Problem-based learning in instrumentation: Synergism of real and virtual modular acquisition chains. IEEE Transactions on Education 2010:53 (2), pp. 234-242

Please cite these papers if you use the Virtual Acquisition Chain.

We do not provide any technical support of the Virtual Acquisition Chain.

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