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Biomedical Engineering
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Endoscopy and gastric electrostimulation
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Medical Device in gastro Enterology
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Malabsorbtive implants in gastro-enterology
Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique - FNRS
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The department of gastroenterology, hepatopancreatology and digestive oncology of the Erasme Hospital is at the cutting edge of treatments in clinical endoscopy. Since 2003, they collaborate with the Bio-Electro- And Mechanical Systems department of ULB in order to improve the clinical aspect of digestive endoscopy.
Morbid obesity is a major trouble. Just in the United States, 15 million people are morbidly obese, with 300 000 deaths per year associated. Several techniques exist like: gastric balloon, bypass, gastric banding etc. Usually, the more invasive and irreversible they are, the more effective they are.
For example, the technique of surgical bypass results in a weight loss of 60-70% of the amount thereof. But it has the disadvantage of being highly invasive and cause harmful side effects. Thus, many development projects of biocompatible sleeves (flexible tube biocompatible materials) have emerged. Their inputs are fixed, either at the esophageal sphincter (in order to do a gastric bypass) or the duodenum (the sleeve will line a part of the intestines and reduce the absorption of nutrients).
Thus, these sleeves enable struggling against obesity but also to effectively fight against type 2 diabetes by complex mechanisms. These sleeves are installed throughby intraluminal channels. 
However, no effective anchoring way has been proposed yet. Indeed, they are prone to migration. The objective of this project is thus to develop an endoscopic system in order to establish gastric sleeves durably. This project is ambitious because several challenges need to be addressed such as the sleeve design, its implementation and withdrawal, and of course the implantation system itself.
Then, this system can be applied to other applications in gastroenterology but also in other areas of medicine.

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