FNRS GEQ (22687275) - 3D microstructuration and microengineering of surfaces with 2 photon lithography | BEAMS

FNRS GEQ (22687275) - 3D microstructuration and microengineering of surfaces with 2 photon lithography

Project information
3D Surfaces Microengineering
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BEAMS members
Head of project
External members
Prof. Pierre COLINET (ULB)
Prof. Benoit SCHEID (ULB)
Prof. Tristan GILET (ULg)
Prof. Joël DE CONINCK (UMons)

Among the research framework of the Belgian research network on microfluidics and micromanipulation (PAI 7/38 MicroMAST) – whose all French speaking partners (ULB, UMons, ULg) support this current application – we aim at studying two scientific domains. The first one is devoted to the study of capillary adhesion (and release) mechanisms developed by some hexapods (insects), and the second one is the study of the wetting dynamics on structured surfaces. Both domains are complementary and full of promising perspectives (as well applied as fundamental perspectives). Let us mention for instance the  possible application of the capillary adhesion mechanism to the industrial pick and place of electronic  components smaller than 100μm. More fundamentally, an exciting perspective of this project would be to unify the current hydrodynamic and molecular theories describing wetting dynamics, especially on  textured surfaces. To study these questions experimentally and pioneer beyond the state of the art, it would be necessary to control manufacturing of microstructures below the micron scale, which indeed drives the wetting and adhesion underlying mechanisms. The equipment targeted in this application is the micro/nanomanufacturing station developed by the Nanoscribe company. This equipment is based on 2 photon photo-polymerisation of proprietary resins (resolution of about 0.3μm). It has been demonstrated to produce various microstructures including periodic pattern, controlled disorder, porous structures as well as large aspect ratio geometries observed in the complex geometries of insect legs extremities.

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