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HIPPEROS - High Performance Parallel Embedded Real-time Operating Systems

Project information
Research unit: 
Embedded Electronics
Research theme: 
Real-time multi-processor platforms
Research theme: 
Real-time operating systems
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HIPPEROS is a new application-oriented and configurable real-time operating system designed to use multi-core parallel architectures efficiently. It is designed for embedded and mobile IT devices and integrates new knowledge of feasibility tests and scheduling algorithms for multi-processor systems. To deal with strong power dissipation constraints imposed on such system, it is power aware. HIPPEROS aims to a be a generic operating system that, using previously generated information about the target application, can be tailored and instantiated for a specific custom application. HIPPEROS is an operating system that is particularly aware of new possibilities and features offered by the system hardware. HIPPEROS will explicitly handle and exploit such features as variable processor frequencies, switching processors on and off, and will benefit from “hardware services” such as preemption, migration, context switching, … In particular, HIPPEROS is targeted for parallel architectures, even heterogeneous ones. Finaly, HIPPEROS aims at high reliability and security, being targeted at safety-critical or mission-critical applications. Reliability, redundancy and safety are key issues. HIPPEROS thus strives for determinism, standards conformance or even certification.

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