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The Micro-Bio-Mechatronics Research Unit has gathered expertise in mechanical design from micro to macro scale. Our interests are focused on fundamental aspects related to micromechanics and precision mechanics, microfluidics, surface tension effects and mechanical design of miniaturized products and to biomechanics, such as experimental and numerical analysis of the human joints and patient specific modeling.

More information can also be found on the ULB website of our research unit.


Our publications can be found individually on the DI-fusion repository or downloaded here.

Applications and research topics

This knowledge has been applied to several application frameworks:

1. Micro-assembly and packaging (design of capillary grippers, non-contact handling of components with acoustic levitation...)

2. Microfluidics (capillary forces, droplets generation by liquid dielectrophoresis, axial and lateral dynamics of liquid bridges...)

3. Microrobotics (flexible fluidic actuators, bubble robotics, force sensors...)

4. Surface science (capillary condensation, electrostatic adhesion, capillary adhesion in granular media...)

5. Medical devices design (Therapeutic and Diagnostic Tools for flexible endoscopy, force sensors, microneedles...)

6. Dynamics and vibrations, interferometric sensors

7. Kinematics and the kinetics analysis of human joints in healthy and replaced conditions;

8. Stress distribution in bone and implant

9. Numerical prediction of bone remodeling and wear

Previous and ongoing projects are related to drug delivery, medical devices, watch industry, packaging industry, droplets generation, acoustic levitation, knee and hand modeling, effect of implant malposition in a joint. The group is led by three Professors: Prof. Alain Delchambre, Prof. Bernardo Innocenti and Prof. Pierre Lambert.


The research unit is involved in the Belgian IAP project MicroMAST (www.micromast.be) on Microfluidics and Microanipulation: Multiscale Applications of Surface Tension



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