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QALINCA-Logistics is the academic chair of ULB (Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium) whose research, teaching and expertise activities are and dedicated to Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management and Transport Management. It belongs to the Faculty of Engineering Sciences (Polytech).

QALINCA R&D activities are built around five axes:

1.    Development, through modeling and simulation, of advanced methodologies and tools for a better understanding of the key factors of any nature (including emerging technologies such as RFID, etc.) which impact the structure, integration, sustainability and performance of logistics, transport & supply chain processes;

2.    Integration of ideas from the latest research with best practices to highlight the innovative and proactive ways in which organizations can leverage the supply chain to create competitive edge and capture the most value, with a special emphasis on sustainable cross-functional integration that is crucial to drive logistics and supply chain excellence;

3.    Aid to the design and implementation of logistics, transport and supply chain solutions: innovative (i-solutions), intelligent (e-solutions), secure (s-solutions) and sustainable (“green”-solutions);

4.    Development of advanced systems for benchmarking and auditing the quality and performance of logistics, transport and supply chain processes;

5.    Dissemination of knowledge through an active contribution to the implementation worldwide of excellence and knowledge centers (training, research, expertise) in logistics, transport and supply chain management.

QALINCA is headed by Professor Alassane Ballé NDIAYE.

The unit is active in the following research fields: : 
  • Logistic and supply chain management
  • Supply chain and quality
  • Transport - Mobility - Logistic





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