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K-map generator

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MA1 project
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Embedded Electronics
BEAMS supervisors
Academic promoter
Antonio Garcia Diaz

Logic circuits can be described through various forms, truth tables being
the most trivial of them. A more elaborate way was named after Maurice Karnaugh, the
k-map. Those tables allow to visually extract the logic function of a circuit, possibly
taking into account hazards such as race conditions.

In bachelor, two courses are teaching the use of k-maps: ELECH305: Circuits
logiques et numériques and ELECH310: Électronique numérique . Through numerous
exercises, students are familiarized with logic circuit synthesis. However, there is never
enough of such exercises and they can be time-expensive to create and layout.

The aim of the project is to develop a lightweight application capable of gen-
erating random k-maps and their solution, in order for the students to train themselves.
The solved k-map should be displayed to the user in such a way that the n-cubes are
highlighted. Both the solution and the exercise should be exportale to LaTeX (using
Tikz, the askmaps package or any deemed more appropriate way).
As an expansion to the program, the logical circuit corresponding to the nal logic
equation could be generated, and be exportable through a picture or a LaTeX Tikz
The technology used to develop the application is left to the discretion of the student,
although a web application with an oine feature is strongly prefered.


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