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PLC hardware exploration

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MA1 project
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Embedded Electronics
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A Programmable Logic Controller, PLC, is a controller used for indus-
trial automation to control various process, such as public transports, assembly lines, el-
evators, or trac lights. Notwithstanding its high price point, this heavily fault-tolerant,
hard real-time and scalable hardware has the preference of a large spectrum of industries
thanks to its recongurability. Engineers have several programming languages at their
disposal to program the automaton, and simulation takes a non-negligible part of the

Context A second year master's course, ELECH516: Programmable Logic Controllers ,
studies those devices in their hardware specication and programmable capabilities. The
course is put into action through practical work sessions focusing solely on simulations
using CODESYS. Despite the importance of simulations, students are often left wanting
more at the end of the sessions, not having been able to see in real life the result of their

The aim of the project is to come up with a hardware solution to simulate the
behaviour of a PLC. The solution should fulll a maximum of the following creteria:
• Inexpensive
• Open source
• Easy to interface with CODESYS
• ...
The student can use an existing board (such as a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino) or build
a custom one.
The rst part of the project will be to screen the existing solutions and compare
them. Next, the student is expected to nd the most appropriate and demonstrate its


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