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[Automatic Systems 3] Contactless sensor for presence detection

Project information
Project type: 
Master thesis
Academic year: 
Research unit: 
Embedded Electronics
BEAMS supervisors
External supervisors
Kevin De Cuyper
Industrial promoter
Victor Artois

Automatic Systems has an extensive portfolio of barriers as shown on AS website. The future standards for barriers, both in Europe and in North-America, will require that sensors must be used to avoid that the moving arm is hitting a person. The barrier market is very competitive and a cost effective, reliable solution is a must. A capacitive sensor installed in the moving arm could be used for this purpose. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate different solutions and to build one or several prototypes.

The main work packages are:

  1. Research applicable technologies,
  2. Build a morphological map taking into account the following dimensions: cost, reliability, compliance with safety standards, resilience to environmental conditions,…
  3. Select  one solution and develop a prototype (electronic board and integration in the barrier)
  4. Test the prototype in various conditions.

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