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[Automatic Systems 4] Connecting barriers to cloud

Project information
Project type: 
Master thesis
Academic year: 
Research unit: 
Embedded Electronics
BEAMS supervisors
External supervisors
Kevin De Cuyper
Industrial promoter

Automatic Systems has an extensive portfolio of barriers as shown on AS website. The main project objective is to show the competitive advantages that an IP-connected barrier will bring. A proof-of-concept will be developed to show what data could be collected and how these data could be used to improve the barrier maintenance.

The main work packages are:

  1. Research applicable WAN technologies (SigFox, LoraWAN, ZigBee…) and select the most suitable one.
  2. Develop a modem board: all barriers, manufactured by Automatic Systems, use a CPU board based on a CORTEX M3 microcontroller. The modem must be an extension board. Schematic and board layout must be done. Prototype boards will be manufactured by Automatic Systems.
  3. Integrate the modem with the barrier SW. This SW is written in C and is running on freeRTOS. An embedded IP stack is already included.
  4. Design an antenna design and integrate it in one barrier.
  5. Develop the test plan and particularly the EMC/EMI test plan. EMC/EMI tests will be realized in a certified lab.
  6. Development of an application for data collection and processing

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