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Battery modelling for dynamic simulations

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Master thesis
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Electrical Energy
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Pierre Josz
François Promel
Battery-based storage units are integrating more and more the power systems, in
particular to compensate the variability of Renewable Energy Sources (RES).
Batteries can obviously be used for energy arbitrage (i.e. store energy in case of
excess of RES and supply energy in case of lack of RES), but they can provide
fundamental ancillary services such as primary frequency regulation, or be used in
conjunction to traditional generating units (e.g. thermal, nuclear and hydro units).
Studies performed to ensure the stability of power systems need thus dynamic
models of batteries. However, if traditional generating units have corresponding
well-known models, this is not the case for batteries. Therefore, the purpose of this
MFE will be the development of such models that can be used in power system
studies addressing both short and long term stability. A particular attention will be
put on the trade-off between simplicity and accuracy.
Part of the work can take place at the offices of Tractebel Engineering (Avenue
Ariane, 7, 1200 Brussels). All materials needed for the development of the activities
will be provided by Tractebel Engineering.
Tractebel is one of the leading multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting firms
world-wide. It has a long-standing experience in the provision of engineering
services in all parts of the world. Today, it operates through a network of local
subsidiaries in 20 countries, and is active in the following fields: power generation,
transmission and distribution; natural gas, LNG and LPG; industry; buildings and
infrastructure; water, environment and sanitation; dams and hydropower plants;
information technology.
Tractebel has a wide experience in international power system studies in
international. Tractebel has also developed EUROSTAG® jointly with RTE (EDF).
EUROSTAG is a software tool for the simulation of power system dynamics in the
field of transient and long term stability. In numerous studies based on this software,
Tractebel has developed different modelling suited to represent in detail system
Contact details:
François Promel & Pierre Josz
francois [dot] promel [at] tractebel [dot] engie [dot] com & pierre [dot] josz [at] tractebel [dot] engie [dot] com

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