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[BEAMS-EE-FQ] Localization of cellular devices in 5G networks

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Master thesis
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Embedded Electronics
BEAMS supervisors


5G networks will include new localization capabilities, such that individual users can be located with great accuracy. One enabling technology is multi-antenna arrays, which will be deployed at individual base stations. Each base station can determine the direction of a transmitter, and by combining the user direction from multiple base stations it is possible to locate the cellular device.


A first multi-antenna direction-of-arrival estimation prototype was developed at ULB using software-defined radios (see picture above). If we want to deploy multiple base stations (up to three), we need a way to remotely control these base stations and to remotely collect data in order to perform localization. The student will have to set up a software infrastructure that allows to remotely control the different base stations (using Python or C++) through a TCP/IP network.  In a second stage, the student will have to implement localization algorithms (and associated tracking filters) to locate and track the cellular device.


Supervisor: Prof. François Quitin (ULB)

Information : François Quitin (fquitin [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be) Tel : 02-650-2829, BEAMS Department

Students : ELEC, INFO

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