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[BIOMECH] - 3D Medical Pre-Planning Tool for Orthopaedic Surgeon

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Master thesis
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For implanting a knee prosthesis the surgeon needs to know several anatomical information on bone
geometry. These information are fundamental to be able to choose the correct prosthesis and to implant
it in the better position.
To provide this information medical imaging are fundamental, in particular Computed Axial Tomography
(CT) images and from Magnetic Risonance (MR) images of the lower leg of the patient (figure 1).
Therefore, the aim of this project is to develop a tool that is able to load such images and provided a visual
representation of the bones. Moreover, the tool is able to calculate several anatomical axis and reference
indication once the user indicates anatomical location (as the anatomical axis, figure 2, or the femoral
head). At the end the system should be able to predict and to visualize the proposed final bone




Figure 1 example of a 3D reconstruction of the bone in the lower leg. (a) general overview; (b) femur; (c) tibia and fibula.




 Figure 2 example of anatomical axis and point in the knee Joint

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