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[BIOMECH - Innocenti] Finite element analysis of malposition in double uni-compartmental knee prosthesis

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Master thesis
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BEAMS supervisors
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Context of the project:
Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty (UKA) is, nowadays, a valid alternative to total knee prosthesis when a patient present issues, as cartilage effect or degeneration, only on the medial or on the lateral side of his knee joint [1].
As such kind of implant preserve intact the cruciate ligaments in the patients, some surgeons prefer to implant simultaneously two UKAs, one on the medial side and one on the lateral side, of the patient if required (figure 2). Such approach, with respect to a conventional total knee prosthesis has some advantages as the preservation of the soft tissues and better patient perception & proprioception. However, such procedure is highly technical demanding and several mistakes could be performed, drastically reducing the final performance of the knee joint [1,2].
For this aim, this project is aimed to the investigation of the change in the tibial stress and the ligament strain in the knee of a patient, when two UKAs are inserted. Several implant position will be considered, changing from the theoretical position (control) to the one achieved following a possible surgical mal-alignment in the UKA position.
The project will be performed numerically with the use of Finite Element Analysis based on an already validated finite element model [1,2].
[1] Bernardo Innocenti, Ömer F Bilgen, Luc Labey, Harry G van Lenthe, Jos Vander Sloten, Fabio Catani, 2014. Load sharing
and ligament strains in balanced, overstuffed and understuffed UKA. A validated finite element analysis. Journal of
Arthroplasty 29,1491-1489.
[2] Bernardo Innocenti, Silvia Pianigiani, Gaetano Ramundo, Emmanuel Thienpont, 2016, Biomechanical effects of different
varus/valgus alignments in medial UKA. Journal of Arthroplasty, in press. DOI:


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