[bULBot - 1B] Design of a robot for Eurobot Cup (3 students) | BEAMS

[bULBot - 1B] Design of a robot for Eurobot Cup (3 students)

Project information
Project type: 
Master thesis
Academic year: 
Research unit: 
Embedded Electronics
BEAMS supervisors
Academic promoter
Georgios LOULAS

bULBot Club is the  robotics club of the Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles. It has been founded by members of the BEAMS service. Since the beginning, the major objective of the club is the participation to the Belgium Robot Cup. The first three places of this Cup allow to participate to the international final Eurobot (http://www.eurobot.org), which occurs at the end of May/begin of June. The rules of the game change each year so that it is every time a new challenge, even if some parts of the previous robot (like the propulsion) can be reused.The goal is of course to reach the European final.

The characteristics of these thesis are:

- team work

- practical realization, in connection with the courses

- continuity with the projects of the previous years

- concrete goal and motivating topics

- mechanical design (CAD on SolidWorks, realization)

- microcontrollers systems (hardware and programming)

- development of sensors, realization of electronic circuits

Deadline : The timing is a major element to respect of this project. Indeed, the whole project depends on the achievements of each member of the bULBot team, so that the robot is operational for the  Belgium Cup,  in April 2016.

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