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[COLLETTE] Conception of a purely horizontal inertial sensor

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Master thesis
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The precise measurement of vibrations of low frequency and of small amplitude is critical for an increasing number of applications: geophysics, structural health monitoring, defense, oil/gas exploration, earthquake and tsunami predictions, active vibration isolation, etc.


The objective of this project is to develop an extremely low-frequency sensor which addresses two fundamental limitations of seismic instruments: the limited resolution, and the so-called tilt-horizontal coupling. Therefore the sensor should have following features: to have high resolution(10 times better than commercial products), to discriminate horizontal motion from tilt, to be compatibility with vacuum, radiation and stray magnetic field, or other tough environment, to process both large and small signals.


The work will start with researching the possible working principles (Mechanics, Optics, Hydromechanics, Electrochemistry, etc) and investigating the performance of exist products. Once the direction of the sensor is chosen, the following steps of the project will be to make the design, develop a prototype, and validate it experimentally.


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