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Implementation of a multi-antenna array for direction-of-arrival estimation

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Master thesis
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Embedded Electronics
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In the context of ever-faster digital logic and increasing quality requirements, wireless transmitter and receivers are moving towards software-defined platforms. Recently, software-defined radios (SDR) have gained tremendous importance and have become the de facto alternative for a wide variety of applications. One possible application is to use SDRs for building cheap multi-antenna arrays that can be used to estimate the direction of a RF transmitter.  


The objective of this thesis is to build a four- or eight-element multi-antenna array on a USRP-X310 testbed. These high-end software-defined radios allow for powerful synchronization techniques, yet there are still multiple aspects of the array that need to be synchronized manually. This thesis aims at realizing a system that does automatic synchronization of the array (without manual intervention), and implement direction-of-arrival estimation algorithms. The implementation will be a mix of VHDL implementation (for tasks that are performed at high sample rates) and software (C++, Python) for tasks that run at low rates.


Supervisor: Prof. François Quitin (ULB)

Information : François Quitin (fquitin [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be) Tel : 02-650-2829, BEAMS Department

Students : ELEC, INFO

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