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Wireless UAV networks: providing wireless coverage to ground units

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Master thesis
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Embedded Electronics
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Mathieu Petitjean


The decreasing price of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology in recent years has spurred a variety of new applications. One of these new applications is the creation of wireless UAV networks, which can temporarily replace the cellular network when the latter one becomes unavailable (e.g. due to a natural disaster). Each UAV must then act as a base station or as a relay to ensure communication between the backbone network and the cellular users. The network can also leverage on the UAV movement to physically reconfigure the network depending on user density, user mobility or network usage.


This master thesis aims at providing wireless coverage to a ground unit. The student will have to interface an experimental UAV (DJI Matrice 100) with a small software-defined radio (USRP B210 model). The ground unit (another USRP radio) will need to broadcast its GPS location. The UAV then needs to decode this signal, and navigate toward the ground unit. Once the UAV is close enough, the ground unit will send its payload data (in a high-order modulation format), which will be recorded by the UAV radio and stored for offline processing or forwarded to a distant node.

Supervisor: Prof. François Quitin

Information : François Quitin (fquitin [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be) Tel : 02-650-2829, BEAMS Department

Students: ELEC, INFO, EM


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