Re-engineering the driving display of an electric FIAT 500 | BEAMS

Re-engineering the driving display of an electric FIAT 500

Project information
Project type: 
Master thesis
Academic year: 
Research unit: 
Embedded Electronics
BEAMS supervisors
Academic promoter
External supervisors
Felice Gasperoni (RTBF)
Industrial promoter
Jean Paternotte
Pierre Malherbe

Felice Gasperoni is leading the project of transforming an old FIAT 500 car into a full electric vehicle, using today's technologies. Two master theses have been carried out in 2012/13 on the mechanical and electrical issues (batteries, motor, power conversion). It is time now to attack the problem of displaying driving and non-driving information to the driver, by re-engineering the display where speed, autonomy, and other car parameters are made available. 

The goal of this master thesis is to solve what is basically an instrumentation problem: analyze the system (what variables to display, from the most essential to the most "fun" ones; how to instrument the re-engineered electrical car (sensors, etc); how to display the information) and to implement, test and validate the chosen solutions.

One of the key constraints is that the FIAT 500 original display is just a disc of about 12cm diameter. Since this car has an obvious "design" touch that we want to respect, the master thesis will be co-supervised from the "design" point of view by La Cambre Industrial Design school.

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